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The History of Political Ideas

Politics & International Relations Taster Lecture

Speaker: Dr Callum Barrell, Associate Professor of Political Thought

Date: Thursday 11th November, 4:30-5:30pm (GMT)

It is a deceptively simple question: what does it mean to study the history of ideas, and what, for that matter, does it mean to study the history of political ideas? How should they be interpreted, conceptualised, and made use of? Does it make sense to say that ideas have histories? Do ideas even matter given the unprecedentedness of many contemporary problems?

Drawing on the history of political thought, this taster lecture will interactively explore the ways in which the political present relates to its intellectual past, raising larger questions about essences and contexts, and gesturing towards the skills of undergraduate study. Furthermore, it will give you an impression not of a one-way lecture but of a voluntarily interactive seminar.

This taster will also include an introductory overview of studying at NCH, and there will be ample time for Q&A with Faculty and Student Ambassadors.

Here’s what previous participants have said about our Politics & International Relations Taster Lectures:

“It was a great ‘taste’ of what politics and international relations would be like at university, and the opening segment about applying to NCH was very helpful. You could tell the lecturer had a real passion for the subject, and the way he delivered the presentation was very engaging and interactive, especially the use of polls.”

“This taster lecture was probably the most stimulating I have attended. The perfect amount of depth!”

“Exceptional explanations of key concepts. Engaging, thanks to the polls and response to questions. Good balance of replying to questions in Q&A and live responses.”

“The talk was really interesting and introduced new concepts I was unaware of whilst still being accessible and not too difficult to understand. It’s really helped me understand what the subject is like and has made me even more excited for university.”

“Very interesting and intriguing stance on politics – more in depth than A-Level. A bit of an introduction to political theory, which sounds fab!”

“The taster lecture was very insightful, and has sparked a lot of interest in NCH and the Politics & IR course!”