Tuition fees for Home students

Our tuition fees for 2021 entry for home students are £9,250.

Tuition fees for International students

Our tuition fees for 2021 entry for international students are £14,000. For further information about deposit payments and payment details please click here.

Scholarships for Home and International students

NCH offers a select number of highly prestigious scholarships to recognise exceptional academic potential and achievements. These awards are worth up to £2,000 per year towards the College’s tuition fees. There is no separate application: all undergraduate degree applicants are considered automatically for a scholarship award. Home as well as international students are eligible for these awards.

Bursaries for Home students

Home applicants who receive an offer to study at the College who would be unable to take up their place without further financial support can apply to the NCH Trust for a means-tested bursary.

The College awards bursaries on a yearly basis and at three levels:

  • Household income up to £18,000: £3,000 bursary
  • Household income £18,001 to £30,000: £2,000 bursary
  • Household income £30,001 to £42,875: £1,000 bursary

You can take your bursary as cash to help with your living costs, to help pay your accommodation, or even to help with tuition fees. It is up to you how you choose to use your bursary. Bursary funds will be disbursed in three payments over the academic year.

If you wish to apply for a means-tested bursary and are estranged from your parents or guardians, please ask an appropriate, supporting, person of authority (for example your doctor, teacher or social worker) to complete this form and submit it via email to

You can apply for a bursary as soon as you receive your offer, and you are welcome to apply before you choose whether to accept your offer.

You can apply directly to the College using the form below.


Tuition fee loans for Home students

Home students starting their first undergraduate degree may be eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan. To determine if you are entitled to a tuition fee loan, and how to apply, please visit There are funding agencies in the UK for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to which you should apply depending on your residency.

How student finance works

Maintenance loans for Home students

Students who are resident and settled in England may be eligible for a maintenance loan from the Student Loans Company. The amount of loan you receive will vary according to your household income. You can use your loan to pay for accommodation and living costs such as transportation and food. For further details on maintenance loan amount and eligibility, please visit

Paying your fees

We recommend that you pay your tuition and examination fees by monthly direct debit. This enables you to spread the cost of your education over 32 months in equal manageable installments.

The amount you will pay each month will depend on your personal circumstances, and Vanessa Carreras, our Financial Controller, will be delighted to provide you with your bespoke payment plan. Please contact her via email at