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Economics Taster Lecture

This Lecture has now ended.

‘How can people in poor countries make use of new technologies?

The successful study of Economics requires the ability to ask questions and be explicit about one’s assumptions. In the Global North, our assumptions about the Global South can sometimes be incorrect or outdated. This taster talk steers away from economic theory, and instead examines real-life data about the economic conditions of households around the world. In what ways can the opportunities generated by mobile phones change people’s economic circumstances? This talk takes some key concepts in microeconomics and macroeconomics – such as consumption and infrastructure – and discusses their evolution as new technologies continue to become available and popular around the world.


We look forward to welcoming current Year 12 and Year 13 who are interested in studying Economics.

Date: 19th May 2020

Time: 3PM

Location: Virtual- You will be emailed a link after you register.

Lecturer: Dr Marianna Koli