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The Year 12 NCH Essay Competition is Now Closed

NCH is inviting competition essay entries from students who are currently in their penultimate year of secondary education (equivalent to Year 12 in the English education system).

Our selection of essay titles engages across a broad range of humanities and social sciences topics and we look forward to receiving entries from talented and intellectually curious students who show passion and academic potential in the humanities and social sciences. We welcome entries from students located anywhere in the world.

If you have any further questions please see our FAQ page before contacting us.

Choose your essay title

Art History: Is it time for museums and galleries to decolonise their collections, and if so, how should they go about it? 

Creative Writing: What role can fiction serve when the nature of ‘fact’ is continually called into question?

History: What does history teach us about humanity’s ability to adapt to climate change? 

Law: What limits, if any, should we place on the right to freedom of expression? 

Economics: How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted inequalities? 

Politics: How prepared is the international community to address the current environmental crisis?

Philosophy: How should we (including social media companies and governments) respond to the fact that misinformation (e.g. about coronavirus) can be harmful (and even cost lives) while recognising the value of free expression (including online)? 

English: Why does the modern world need literary critics? 

Psychology: How could psychology help in understanding criminal behaviour – does society create criminals? 

Data Science: How can Data Science and Humanities inform each other? 


The following prizes will be awarded for each subject:

First place – £1000

Second place – £500

Third place – £250

How to enter

1. Register for the competition – After registering you will be emailed detailed instructions.

2. Choose one of the essay titles

3. Write your 1,500-word essay

4. Submit your essay via our online form (URL will be emailed to you after you register) by 1pm GMT Monday January 31st 2022.


If you have any further questions please see our FAQ page before contacting us.

Who can enter?

The NCH London Essay Competition is open to students who are currently in their penultimate (second to last) year of secondary education (Year 12 in England) and who are interested in studying humanities or social sciences at university. This is a global competition, so we encourage entries from those studying anywhere in the world. Find full competition rules here.

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The competition is now closed.