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About Dr Sam Kemp

Dr Sam Kemp is a poet and lecturer in Creative Writing. He joined the New College of Humanities in August 2021 and teaches on a variety of writing crafts, including all aspects of poetry, hybrid and experimental forms, and literary uses of landscape and digital spaces.

Sam completed his PhD at the University of Plymouth, where he was awarded a funded doctoral and teaching studentship. His study focused on bringing the worlds of radical walking and radical
landscape poetry together, reflecting on the practices of the Situationists and contemporary literary adaptations on the derive and detournement, particularly in both a British pastoral context and in the confines of the archive. This critical element was accompanied by a poetry collection which experimented with, and expanded on, these techniques in the places, spaces and archives of
Cockington Village and the legacy of one of its chief architects, Sir Edwin Lutyens. His research involved working closely with leading figures in the field and was supported by various national archives, namely The Royal Institute of British Architecture, The South West Heritage Trust and The British Library.

Sam read Creative Writing as an undergraduate at The University of Gloucestershire, followed by a
Masters in Creative and Critical Writing. He completed his PhD and PGCAP at the University of Plymouth, and became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2020.

Dr Sam Kemp's Research

Sam’s research focuses on visual, radical and digital poetics, particularly in their relation to walking and the landscape. He’s currently working on his first book project, titled Post-Psychogeography and British Radical Landscape Poetry which investigates the role of radical walking techniques in poets’ negotiation of British pastoral heritage. His research offers an alternative understanding of how movement and walking influences selected ‘radical’ landscape poets such as Harriet Tarlo and Peter Riley, positing that these poets adapt and extend psychogeographic techniques in order to indulge in, and at the same time, critique, pastoral and social heritages of the rural.

As a poet, Sam’s also an active practice-based researcher and he experiments with writing through design software, particularly Photoshop and InDesign, integrating visual and design elements into the language of a poem. His writing is often grounded by the landscape, whether real or imagined, and he’s interested in the embodiment of place on the page.

Selected Publications

Streetcake Journal, Origin, Issue 73, June 2021

Unlost Journal, Moonshot (excerpt), Issue 25 Introduction to Palimstry, May 2021

ArtAviso Door 2 Door Art in the Time of Covid Exhibition, April 2021

Poem Atlas Refraction Exhibition, Moonshot (excerpt), (8-29th January, 2021)

The Metamorphosis Virtual Gallery, Moonshot (excerpt), (16-20 December 2020)

Streetcake Anthology 2020, Lut Lut Lut (excerpt), October 2020

Triarchy Press, The Documentary Drift: Lutyens, Cockington and Poetry (chapter in Walking Bodies, ed. By Dr Phil Smith: Triarchy)

M58, The Window (June 2020)

The Mechanics Institute Review, A Metal Window Dictionary, A Village Manifesto, If The Latitude is Known, and As Coloured Green: (March 2020)

Stand, Outside the Court, Volume 18.1:

Post-Road, Five Ways to Read a Village, Volume 36:

Lighthouse, JET FATHER ACCOUNT, Issue 21

Ope: An Anthology