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NCH understands that employability matters more than ever. Our LAUNCH professional development programme prepares you for your future career whilst you are studying for your degree, so that you are ready to succeed as soon as you graduate.

"'Studying at NCH has significantly changed the way I think about and interact with the world. After three years spent in such a challenging academic environment, I feel able to engage with my surroundings more critically and meaningfully. In particular, the one-to-one tutorial system has benefitted me enormously for my further studies in law at the University of Oxford.' Raphael Tulkens Shearman & Sterling LLP"

Raphael Tulkens, Shearman & Sterling LLP, Philosophy BA with Art History (Lond/NCH, 2015)

"'The buzzing atmosphere at NCH is unrivalled. The college has such a sense of excitement and brilliance about it that it is difficult to imagine being a student at a university where you are simply passing through instead of being part of the action. One of NCH's lesser mentioned attributes, aside from the world-class academics and lectures the size of book clubs, are the opportunities that are at the foundation of the amazing experience here.'"

Charlie Evans, Associate, Deutsche Bank, Economics BSc with Philosophy & Politics (Lond/NCH, 2015)

"'Many universities provide a good education, but NCH combines academic rigour with practical application in an unrivalled way. One-to-one tutorials not only made me better at my subjects, they made me better at articulating my thoughts and defending my arguments - skills I use every day at work. LAUNCH provides a platform to hone and test those skills; weekly, in depth, and with support. I have no doubt that without NCH I wouldn't be doing what I am today.'"

Tahmid Chowdhury, Senior Account Executive, M&C Saatchi PR, Law LLB with English (Lond/NCH, 2016)