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MA Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence

Poised at the intersection of the humanities and technology, the MA Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence combines the exploration of theoretical and ethical issues related to computing, data, and information processing with opportunities to develop some of the data science skills that underpin recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Engaging an inherently fascinating subject-matter, this cutting-edge masters degree can equip you with a combination of analytical, technical, ethical, and communications skills that is highly sought by employers.


Core courses

Mind & Reality

20 Credits

The Mind & Reality course engages students with classic texts and debates on key...… Read More

Values & Society

20 Credits

The Values & Society seminar series engages students with classic philosophy texts...… Read More

Artificial Intelligence & Data Ethics

15 Credits

Explore a range of the ethical issues that arise in connection with Data Science… Read More

Minds & Machines (Level 7)

15 Credits

The Minds and Machines course engages students with philosophical thinking and AI… Read More

In-Depth Study

Your in-depth study courses will help you develop expertise in specific areas of Data Science or Philosophy. You will choose two of the following topics.

Data Science:

Programming with Data (Level 7)

15 Credits

Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of programming using Python.… Read More

Foundations of Data Science (Level 7)

15 Credits

Foundations of Data Science introduces more advanced coding techniques.… Read More



15 Credits

Epistemology investigates questions about knowledge and the justification of beliefs,… Read More

Formal Logic

15 Credits

Explore the languages and tools of classical elementary logic … Read More

Philosophy of Language

15 Credits

How are the meanings of our expressions fixed?… Read More

Philosophy of Mind

15 Credits

What, if anything, is the mind, and how does it relate to the body?… Read More

Further Study (Choose one)

Aesthetics (Level 7)

20 Credits

Aesthetics is concerned with experience and objects, and their nature and value.… Read More

Ancient Philosophy (Level 7)

20 Credits

Ancient Greek philosophy from the pre-Socratics to the post-Aristotelian schools.… Read More

Modern Philosophy (Level 7)

20 Credits

Focusing on the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.… Read More

History of Ethics (Level 7)

20 Credits

This course investigates the history of philosophical ethics in the west. We study cl… Read More

Metaphysics (Level 7)

20 Credits

The Metaphysics course at NCH investigates the fundamental nature of reality, beginni… Read More

Political Philosophy (Level 7)

20 Credits

Authority, liberty, democracy, justice, the market: these are themes of enormous inte… Read More


Your studies culminate in the research and preparation of a 10,000 to 12,000-word dissertation on a philosophical topic, which you will defend in a viva voce examination.

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