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Learning in the workplace

Information for employers

NCH at Northeastern is committed to supporting employers. We want to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge you need in your business.  We provide a full range of learning opportunities, including full degree and short course programmes, to support new hires, upskilling and lifelong learning.

Experiential learning is part of our DNA, and we want to work with you to build sustainable success together. NCH at Northeastern’s deep competency in experiential learning has strongly positioned us as a leader in providing business and industry education. Our long-standing success will bring valuable insight to your organisation’s learning and development strategy.

We are using our expertise in the UK, working with a group of employers, to develop a new programme in digital transformation; providing an expert route for staff training in this critical skills area.  Mapping our learning modules to the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the Degree Apprenticeship Digital Technology standard and, together with our employer group, developing a format and content that we think will offer a unique training route.

We will deliver this programme as part of a new and flexible degree apprenticeship programme with intakes in July and October of 2020, and January 2021.

Who is this apprenticeship for?

Our apprenticeship is suitable for new starters, upskilling and re-skilling existing employees and for those looking to retrain, restart careers or enter the world of work.  We are actively working with partners to ensure that we are able to attract a wide variety of talent, including ex-service personnel, those not currently in work or education and career-changers as well as school leavers and undergraduates.

We are committed to lifelong learning, pastoral support and to providing routes into digital careers for underrepresented groups.  Our approach provides an excellent opportunity for employers to build teams with a diversity of thought and experience – a critical factor in innovative thinking within teams – whilst benefitting from our support infrastructure and flexible approach.

Why take on an apprentice?

An apprenticeship is an approach to learning in the workplace.  You can ‘take on an apprentice’ as a new hire, but you can also provide apprenticeship training for existing staff.  The apprenticeship programme requires a commitment from both the employer and the employee.  The employer will need to support the employee through their training, provide on the job training, coaching and mentoring and will need to allow the employee to use 20% of their working time to learn off the job.  The employee will need to commit to the learning, to use their time off-the-job efficiently and productively to attend learning events, complete assignments and prepare for projects.  This commitment is rewarded, however, with:

-Skilled, knowledgeable staff

-Increased staff retention

-Increased productivity

-Lower training costs

-A talent pipeline

-A more diverse workforce

Funding & finance:

Levy-paying employers will be able to utilise their apprenticeship levy to cover 100% of the training costs.  Non-levy payers will need to invest 5% of the cost, with government co-investing 95%.

If you would like to discuss your workforce planning needs further, or enquire about apprenticeship training please get in touch via phone or email. 

Email or call on 020 3994 4411

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