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Making the Most of Your NCH Summer School

NCH London | July 2, 2021

This summer, New College of the Humanities is hosting three, week-long Summer Schools for students who’ve just finished their penultimate year of secondary education. It’s a great use of your summer and will prepare you for university applications that are fast approaching.

We’re all very excited to welcome you to NCH in July and August and wanted to give you some tips and advice for making the most of the week that you’ll be spending with us. These Summer Schools are a great chance to see more of the College, meet faculty members and other prospective students, and see what it’s like to study at New College of the Humanities. 

Hopefully, these tips will also help you with studying online.

Studying at university is very different to sixth form; there are greater expectations for you to conduct independent study and manage your time. Hopefully, these tips will give you a guide to preparing for the week and preparing to get the most out of it.

We hope you’re all really excited to complete your Summer School, and that you’re excited to join us!

Tip 01 – Get to know NCH

NCH is unique in the sense that we place a lot of emphasis on small-group teaching, with most of our learning being conducted in small group sessions and tutorials. During the Summer School, you’ll be taught in a way that reflects this, in small group sessions that aim to be interactive and engaging. If you are interested, there are many ways you can find out more information about NCH: you can speak to a student ambassador, have a look at our academic and student blogs, read through our website, or simply email one of the recruitment team who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions!

Tip 02 – Research the faculty members that will be teaching you

One way to stand out and impress your lecturers is to have an understanding of what each faculty member teaches, researches or is just generally interested in. Being able to engage with faculty members on their interests will definitely put you in good stead should you choose to apply to NCH in the autumn. 

You should also all be given access to your Canvas pages the week before the Summer School starts – use this to help guide your research and reading because it will inform you who will be teaching you. Getting the most out of this week isn’t just about paying attention in the sessions and taking notes, it’s also what you do around your preparation that makes you stand out and will ensure you have a truly fulfilling experience. 

Tip 03 – Look through your pre-readings

Canvas is our virtual learning platform – it’s where students can find their assignments, assigned reading and preparation work, links to live sessions, grades and much more. You’ll be given access to your own Canvas account for the week, and you’ll be able to find any work you’ve been set. This may include videos, set readings, or other activities designed to help you engage with the material. One of the best ways to get the most out of online work is to read through what you’ve been set and take brief notes that you can add to whilst in the lecture. 

You don’t have to read everything extensively, but having a basic understanding of the material you’re learning will give you an advantage in the sessions. It also means that you can go in with your thoughts and questions prepared, and allows you to engage with everything fully. Creating a basic outline of your notes before the sessions is a great way to keep on top of everything and it saves you so much time once you’re in the session. 

Tip 04 – Make sure all of your equipment is working

It is perhaps the most straightforward piece of advice, and I’m sure you’ve all already done it, but make sure everything you’ll need is working correctly. Technology can be so temperamental and it’s important to make sure you have everything you need before the week starts. Please also remember to have all the necessary chargers near to you, and try to find a quiet space to work, doing this will ensure the week runs smoothly and will prevent you from missing anything important! If you do have any issues, get in contact with someone from NCH and they’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you need. 

Also, remember that the Zoom link for the relevant sessions will be available on Canvas every day so you don’t need to worry about trying to find it in emails!

Tip 05 – Make sure you have fun!

The most important aspect of this week is having fun!

Enjoy making new friends, meeting new people and being introduced to New College of the Humanities. It’s also a great way to start networking with other students. Networking is a skill that you’ll be taught at NCH, but it’s never too early to start making connections with like-minded people. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to start forging relationships with your fellow students.