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Why study Art History at NCH

“Studying Art History will teach you how to process, analyse and conceptualise visual data, this is an absolutely crucial skill to thrive in our contemporary world. Images are increasingly used to communicate. If you don’t have visual literacy, if you don’t know how to look critically, you are going to struggle to make sense of the sea of images that we are exposed to, because understanding the power of images can be used as a way of making sense of fake news and seeing through media manipulation.”

Dr Patrycja Kaszynska, Course Leader and Lecturer in Art History.

If you love ideas, choose to study at a place where the lectures are sufficiently small that you can ask questions and debate them, and where other students have the same self-selecting keen curiosity and interest in their studies that you do.

Choose to study at a place where your tutors will meet with you individually each week to help you to formulate and defend your own interpretations of the texts you’re reading and connect your ideas and questions with others in the philosophical tradition.

Choose to study at NCH.