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A welcome from the Master

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‘Welcome to New College of the Humanities (NCH). To bright and enthusiastic minds we offer an outstanding university experience of the highest quality.

Our intense but rewarding programmes are taught by world-class academics dedicated to guiding, challenging and inspiring our students, combining the two great traditions of university learning: the depth of degree studies based on one-to-one tutorials, and the breadth of the liberal arts tradition as a framework around them. Study at NCH is rigorous and challenging, but at the same time supportive and personal: we are a college, which means a community of colleagues learning and working together.

Our beautiful Grade I listed townhouse is in the heart of Bloomsbury, close to all the cultural amenities of London which we encourage our students to enjoy and benefit from: the galleries, museums, theatres, bookshops and concert halls, the cafes and pubs for discussions after lectures – and the lively social life of the many higher education institutions in London and their many thousands of students, but with the friendly, collegial and intimate atmosphere of NCH always to come back to.

The humanities constitute the great conversation that humankind has with itself about everything that matters in life.

Study at NCH is aimed at preparing its students for both personal life and careers, by helping them to be versatile and accurate thinkers, possessing at the same time a broad and comprehensive view of the world. A dedicated careers service helps those with their onward journey; the excellence of our programmes is a platform for whatever paths our students choose: great careers or further academic study.

NCH is growing, but it will always treasure its intimate and personal atmosphere, because it is the individual student who matters to us. The wonderful aim of higher education – which is to foster the talents and capacities of individual minds, empowering them ‘to see things steadily and see them whole’, and to think with acuity and intelligence – is at the heart of all we do.

Our outstanding faculty, personal style of teaching and learning, our unique tutorial-based, liberal-arts framed programmes, our place at the heart of a city of culture with our high aspirations for the development and success of our students, makes us a unique institution. Come and meet us and test this claim for yourselves.

When you do you will hear us say: welcome to NCH and its ideals!’

Professor A C Grayling
Master of the College & Professor of Philosophy