Sit Down With… Zionn (Law with Philosophy LLB)

Sit down with Zionn (Law with Philosophy LLB),¬†who decided to stay in London for this degree after studying at the London Academy of Excellence, for the city’s diversity, transport links and neverending options of things to do.

Although NCH offers a single-honours Law LLB, Zionn chose to minor in Philosophy to broaden his curriculum. Law and Philosophy interact through topics such as Ethics and Jurisprudence (the study of the philosophical underpinnings of the law).

Since starting his degree at NCH, Zionn has had opportunities to develop his public speaking skills and email etiquette through LAUNCH, which focuses on practical experience that allows you to gain the skills needed for the career of your choice.

Zionn highlights that the small class sizes at NCH allow him to express himself, ask questions and gain confidence. The NCH teaching model is made up of lectures of up to 60 people, seminars of 10-20 students, small group tutorials of 2-5 students and the one-to-one tutorial – the gold standard of humanities teaching.