Sit Down With… Teoni (History)

Sit down with… Teoni, History with Economics BA.

The reason why Teoni chose NCH to study History was in large part due to the personalised teaching style of one-to-one tutorials. Through being small by design, NCH allows you to build a relationship with your lecturers both inside and out of timetabled teaching hours.

Teoni remembers how her first one-to-one tutorial went in her second week at NCH. The transition from secondary school to university-level work was tricky at first, but your first tutorial allows the tutor to evaluate your incoming strengths and identify areas to work on in the future. Teoni describes tutorials at NCH as being an “open discussion”. There is rarely one truly correct answer in the humanities and social sciences, so the discussion will be based on both your points of view and other aspects of the discussion you might not have picked up on yet.