Sit Down With… Sasha (MA Phil)

Sit down with… Sasha, Philosophy MA student.

Originally from Russia, but having lived in Belgium, Sasha’s journey to NCH included a Master’s in Mathematical Trade & Finance and developing a career in teaching. Sasha discusses how the study of the humanities and specifically Philosophy is more relevant than ever when critical thinking and reasoning skills are required in the internet age of misinformation.

Being taught in small groups at NCH has allowed Sasha to communicate with his tutors both inside and out of class time, who are experts in their field. Comparing that to his experience at other universities, he can say that he doesn’t feel like just a number at NCH. There are then the Visiting Professoriate, who frequently visit the College to give a lecture or series of lectures on their specialist subject. These lectures are open to all students to attend and usually take place in the evenings.

Your experience at NCH can be as involved with College activities as you want it to be. In his spare time, Sasha is part of the NCH Football Team, but there are lots of other clubs and societies you can get involved in, inside and out of NCH. Students are encouraged to join Student Central, with is the Students’ Union hub of the University of London.