Sit down with Mollie Charge, History BA

Sit down with Mollie Charge, NCH graduate (History with Philosophy BA) and current postgraduate student (Historical Research & Public History MA).

Having completed her first degree, Mollie encourages students to pick a degree that they are interested in and want to study for another 3+ years as opposed to a subject that may seem like the “smart” decision. Having already studied both History and Philosophy at ‘A’ Level but knowing her passion was in History, Mollie was attracted to the 75:25 subject weighting of the NCH combined-honours degree.

One of the reasons Mollie chose to stay on for her Masters degree at NCH was the style of teaching offered, with a combination of lectures, seminars, small group tutorials and the one-to-one tutorial – the gold standard of humanities teaching. At NCH, there is a focus on discussion and debate which allows students to actively engage with the curriculum and gain confidence.

Each class at NCH has an interdisciplinary mix of students with different major and minor subjects which creates a rich discussion from varied and unique perspectives.