Sit Down With… Chloe (English graduate)

Sit down with… Chloe (BA English graduate (2017))

Since graduating from NCH as valedictorian, Chloe has completed an MST in Literature at Oxford University. She has now started her PhD in English at the University of Cambridge.

Chloe believes in an NCH education primarily consisting of a dialogue between an academic and a student, where the student has an aspect of freedom to shape the conversation and put forward their own ideas and arguments.

Looking back to her final year at NCH, Chloe remembers the level of support she was given with her Master’s application and research proposals. At NCH, lecturers and tutors are committed to seeing you do well, not only during your degree but with whatever you choose to go onto afterward.  Chloe speaks of a relationship that develops between tutor and student, such that, even now, she is able to catch up with her previous lecturers and share her recent research. The tutorial model at NCH allows students to frequently explain and talk through their ideas, both with classmates and lecturers, which Chloe says gave her confidence in her own ideas and writing.