Sit Down With… Alex (PPE)

Sit down with… Alex, Philosophy, Politics & Economics BA.

Coming from a background of studying the International Baccalaureate (IB), Alex was looking for a liberal-arts, American style degree experience in Europe and the NCH PPE degree fit this perfectly.

Moving from Rome to London was a leap worth taking for Alex, who quickly found out how diverse NCH is, with a large proportion of our students coming from outside of the UK. London is known for being a multicultural hub and you will be sure to find a slice of home, whether that is from people you meet, exhibitions or food.

In addition to his degree and the NCH Diploma, Alex found time to head the NCH Music Society, which regularly collaborates on events such as open-mic evenings at the College. Outside of the College, Alex spends his time getting lost in London and finding new study spots around the city.

One of Alex’s favourite parts of the NCH experience is his contact with lecturers and tutors, not only inside the classroom setting but being able to develop connections and friendships with them. The faculty at NCH are truly invested in your success and make themselves available whenever they can to give advice on both academics and career planning. What this creates is a broad, interdisciplinary community where students and faculty come together to discuss and share ideas on the humanities in the world.