One-to-one tutorials

One-to-one tutorials are the gold-standard of a humanities education. They enable students to explore topics of interest in depth, within the scope of our liberal arts-inspired curriculum.

The essay

The essay provides a focus for your independent learning – honing research skills, powers of analysis and argument, and writing. Each essay is discussed in a one-to-one tutorial with an NCH academic, who will give you written and verbal feedback on how you can improve your work and extend your thinking.

As NCH Master Professor Anthony Grayling often reminds students, the word essay originally meant try or attempt. An essay does not have to be perfect. It allows you to get some of your ideas down on paper and provides a starting point for the discussion in the tutorial.

Your bespoke education

What distinguishes NCH from other universities is the individual attention that academics can give to students and their work. Over a term’s tutorials, students work intensively with their tutors to develop their writing style and powers of argumentation, enabling immense personal growth.

It is thanks to such bespoke, focused tuition that our students consistently achieve outstanding results in their degrees. 34% of our 2018 graduates secured First Class Honours (10% above national average) and 84% secured 2.1 or above (72% national average).

Follow your interests

One of the things students most enjoy about tutorials is the freedom it affords them to explore their own academic interests. Within each module, students can work with their tutors to choose their own essay topics.

Tutors are always happy to recommend where students can take their reading next to follow up ideas. The best tutorials are exciting intellectual conversations, from which both students and academics benefit.