Interactive ‘lectimars’

The small class sizes means that our lectures are far more interactive than you might expect. Some of our academics call them ‘lectimars’ – a cross between a lecture and a seminar.

Students ask questions and lecturers call upon students. This makes for a far more engaging learning experience. It creates an atmosphere in which no-one is intimidated to ask if they do not understand something or to state their opinion. It also means you can’t get away without doing the reading!

Learn from your peers

Seminars, which take place in groups of 2-5, provide the perfect complement to tutorials and lectures. Facilitated by an NCH academic, they enable students to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Each week, you might prepare a presentation, an essay plan, problem sets or questions – something you can bring to the discussion. Our students find it inspiring to learn with others as motivated and passionate about their subjects as them.

Integrated learning

The NCH degrees have been specially designed so all aspects of teaching complement each other. Whereas lectures are optional for Humanities students at certain other universities, at NCH seminars and tutorials build upon the initial grounding that lectures provide.

Studying a minor alongside your major allows you to approach topics from a different perspective; you will find that modules speak to each other across your subjects. (Indeed, students are free to attend lectures in any subject, if you wish). The syllabus is further enriched by NCH’s Core Programme and the professional programme LAUNCH.