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Ways to Approach Psychology: Explaining Depression and Criminal Behaviour

Psychology Taster Lecture

Speaker: Dr Bianca Serwinski, Programme Director and Assistant Professor in Psychology

Date: Tuesday 9th November 2021, 4:30-5:30pm (GMT)

The study of psychology at NCH explores fundamental principles, concepts, and issues in the major areas of contemporary scientific psychology. 

In this taster lecture, we will explore the different approaches that exist in psychology to explain certain phenomena, including behaviour in society. These include identifying the differences in female and male behaviour, such as empathy and giving directions, but also, for example, how do we develop a fear of snakes, without ever having seen one in real life?

After obtaining an overview of the approaches, these will be applied to depression and criminal behaviour as examples.

This taster will also include an introductory overview of studying at NCH, and there will be ample time for Q&A with Faculty and Student Ambassadors.

Here’s what previous participants have said about our Psychology Taster Lectures:

“Unparalleled presentations, wonderfully delivered and incredibly helpful!”

“This event was so simple to attend, and super stress-free. The staff and student helpers were so enthusiastic and provided so much information. It was an extremely useful thing to do, and it is brilliant that these are offered so much from NCH and are so easy to attend.”

“It was very engaging and interesting. Loved it!”

“This taster lecture was a great insight into what psychology is like as a university subject, I really enjoyed it! :)”

“This event was great. It included everything it needed to, from answering live questions and providing us important information about the College and the course itself.”

“Bianca’s presentation was very easy to follow – I definitely learned a lot and appreciated the focus on one part of psychology. Thank you very much for this opportunity! :)”

“This has definitely fuelled my passion for psychology, and I can’t wait to continue learning!”