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International Business Practices: Between Ethics and Higher Profit Margins

Economics Taster Lecture

Speaker: Dr Sabina Crowe, Assistant Professor in Economics

Date: Monday 8th November 2021, 4:30-5:30pm (GMT)

When work conditions in a host nation are clearly inferior to those in a multinational’s home nation, which standards should be applied?

While 12-hour workdays, extremely low pay and child labour may be common in some less developed nations, does this mean that it is okay for a multinational company to tolerate such practices in its subsidiaries?

Should a multinational corporation feel free to pollute in a developing nation or would that not be ethical?

This taster lecture delivered by Dr Crowe aims to answer the questions above and provide a brief discussion on the ethical, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability issues faced by international businesses.

The taster will also include an introductory overview of studying at NCH, and there will be ample time for Q&A with Faculty and Student Ambassadors.

Here’s what previous participants have said about our Economics Taster Lectures:

“NCH London is such a positive university, and I’ve been lucky enough to attend two of their online taster lectures. These provided insight into a wide range of aspects of Economics, no matter your previous level of understanding. I strongly recommend you attend these taster lectures if you’re able to!”

“The lecture was a brilliant introduction to the course – not too complex, but enough to interest me in Economics without being confusing!”

“I really liked the polls and the interactive nature of the lecture!”

“I enjoyed the presentation and the introduction to NCH at the beginning of the session. The continuous Q&A feature was also interesting, especially as current students were answering the questions.”

“The taster lecture was really informative. I didn’t have any knowledge of Economics and managed to follow everything – it was really detailed, with lots of examples. Excellent!”

“It was really thought-provoking and opened me up to a new way of thinking about Economics, while learning about what it’s like to study at NCH.”