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Philosophy Taster Lecture

This lecture has now ended

Descartes’s pre-emptive scepticism

We will examine Descartes’s employment of the method of doubt (especially so-called ‘hyperbolic doubt’, dramatized using the thought experiment of the ‘evil demon’) in the Meditations. We will consider whether this pre-emptive scepticism (as Bernard Williams has called it) is successful in securing Descartes’s stated aim of establishing at least one piece of certain knowledge. In doing so we will discuss the significance of the apparently performative nature of this demonstration (theĀ cogito), and of its first-person character.


We look forward to welcoming current Year 12 and Year 13 who are interested in studying Philosophy.

Date: 13th July 2020

Time: 2pm

Location: Virtual – We will email you a link once you have registered.

Lecturer: Dr Christoph Schuringa