Law Taster Lecture

This lecture has now ended.

‘A person is killed – when is it murder?’

A discussion of what is murder in English Law and then what unlawful killings come within that legal definition. The question will be explored by reference to a number of legal cases where these issues have been discussed by the UK judiciary. The talk will examine how the law has developed to deal with situations where death has occurred but that may not have been the desire or intention of the perpetrator e.g. Someone pours petrol through a letterbox and lights it, causing the house to catch fire. The perpetrator just wanted to scare the occupiers but someone dies – is it murder?


We look forward to welcoming current Year 12 and Year 13 who are interested in studying Law.

Date: 21st May 2020

Time: 3PM

Location: Virtual- We will email you a link once you have registered.

Lecturer: Philip Hunter