About the NCH School Certificate in Philosophy

The Schools Certificate in Philosophy is designed to provide students, usually in years 9 – 10 but open to all, with an opportunity to begin study of Philosophy as a subject alongside their other subjects of study at school. The course aims to enrich the curriculum as well as to promote engagement with philosophical ideas as a means of encouraging deeper learning. The course has been developed as a partnership between New College of the Humanities and Cranleigh School. Following a pilot year, the School Certificate Programme is now available to all schools, both within the UK and internationally. Course resources and support for teachers are being made freely available by NCH.

Following a course of study during which philosophical ideas are introduced and debated, students are invited to engage in a personally-chosen philosophy project. This project will typically take around 20 hours of work and can be produced in a variety of forms (e.g. written report, presentation, artwork or video). Assessment is carried out by the school with external moderation by an NCH assessor.

Key Dates

Sept 2019                    First teaching of SCIP nationally

November 2019          Online training session for teachers (covering teaching points and   assessment)

March 2020                 Deadline for entries for SCIP (March 21st). Recruitment of course moderators.

May 2020                    Deadline for online submission of projects. Online standardization meeting for course moderators.

June 2020                   Moderation of projects.

July 2020                    Awarding of grades following exam board meeting at NCH.

August 2020                Publication of results & certificates; exam feedback reports to schools & examiner’s report.