Applications open for 2022 entry Apply now

Step 1 | Choose your degree

First, take a look around our degree programmes and choose what you would like to study as your major and minor. If you’re not sure which course is for you, particularly which minor to choose, apply for the course you are most interested in and we can provide you with the information to make a final decision later in the process.

Step 2 | Complete your application form

You can apply to us via one of the following options:

  • UCAS, the UK-based application system (NCH’s provider number is N53),
  • CommonApp, the US-based application system or
  • Directly (if you only wish to apply to NCH)

Please note that we operate a rolling admissions process, so we accept applications past the 26 January UCAS deadline.

When completing any of the application forms, you will need to supply us with basic contact information, as well as your education history to date, including any pending or achieved qualifications. When applying, please supply as much information about your education history as possible.

You will also need to include a personal statement. Use this opportunity to tell us more about why you have chosen to study your particular degree programme. If you are applying directly and you get stuck, always feel free to save your application and take a break, returning to it later.

For those applying to NCH directly, we will request an academic reference from your referee in support of your application. In order for us to obtain your academic reference, you will need to supply us with the contact details for a suitable referee. Your referee should be someone who has taught you within the last two years, or who can liaise with your teachers on your behalf (for example, your university or careers adviser).

If you have been out of education for over two years, then we can accept a professional reference instead. Your referee should be someone who has worked closely with you in a professional context within the past two years. Ideally, they should be someone in a more senior position than you, such as your line manager or employer, for example.

Please send us your referee’s professional email address, (i.e. their school or company email address). If you do not have these contact details to hand, or if you need to speak to your referee first, these contact details can be provided at a later date. When submitting the contact details, it is vital that they are correct in order to avoid delays.

Step 3 | Your interview

An admissions adviser will review your application and will decide if they would like to invite you for an interview. Interviews at NCH are not a test of knowledge, but rather an excellent opportunity for us to get to know you and your reasons for wanting to study your chosen degree programme, providing you with a unique opportunity to discuss a subject you are passionate about with an academic tutor. Interviews also give you an opportunity to ascertain whether you enjoy the tutorial method of teaching in the ‘taster tutorial’ setting of our interviews. Most students find the interview to be an enjoyable experience.

Depending on your chosen degree programme, you may either be sent a small piece of text to read in advance of the interview or will be given a discussion point in the interview itself. These tasks are not a test of knowledge, but give you an opportunity to show your abilities and potential in your chosen subject and to ease you into the interview.

You can attend your interview either in-person or via Zoom. Should you attend your interview in person, there will be an opportunity to talk with current students and admissions staff. You can also enjoy a tour of our campus and meet other potential students. You are also welcome to bring a parent or guardian along with you for support.

Step 4 | Your offer

Our Admissions Team will let you know informally, within two weeks of your interview, if we are going to make you an offer. A formal offer pack, with full details of your offer, will follow after this.

As an Offer Holder, you may have questions regarding what it is like to study at NCH, student life, societies, living in London and student accommodation.

To help address your queries, you will be assigned a contact from our Admissions Team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have as your personal admissions contact. In addition, you will also be assigned an ‘NCH buddy’, a current NCH student ambassador who can help to answer these questions from a student perspective.

You can reach out to our student ambassadors at any time via our website. We also encourage you to read their blogs on student life, interview experiences and much more.


If applying to NCH via UCAS, you must apply by the UCAS deadline of 26 January 2022.

If applying to NCH via the CommonApp, you must apply before the end of July 2022.

There are no set deadlines for those applying to NCH via our direct application form; however, as places are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend you apply as soon as possible. In addition, we have a limited number of academic scholarships, and you may be more likely to be awarded one if you apply earlier.

Here to help

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by an admissions adviser who will be appointed as your contact to answer any questions you may have. Please take the opportunity to ask anything, no matter how complicated or trivial it may seem; we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

The Admissions Team are happy to help you at any time through the application process, so please do get in touch if you require any assistance or to discuss your options.

If you like the prospect of studying at NCH, we would love to give you an even better flavour of the atmosphere at the College by welcoming you to one of our Open Days. You will find out more about the courses on offer and our teaching methods by meeting students and faculty, who will be more than happy to offer guidance and answer any of your questions.

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