MA History Taster Lecture

Mapping Black London in World War II

There’s a tendency to think about the Second World War in national terms, in tales of either triumphant victory or guilt-laden defeat. But the war between Allied and Axis powers was a global conflict in every sense of the word and black people – as diverse a collection of individuals and communities as could be imagined – were active part of this history. This was not only true in the far flung reaches of empire: London, the imperial capital and a focal point for European resistance to Nazi expansion, saw a range of people and historical forces collide in spectacular fashion.

This lecture by principal investigator and NCH academic, Dr Olly Ayers, showcases the work of the ‘Mapping Black London in World War II’ digital history research project. The talk will discuss the hidden ways in which the city shaped, and was shaped by, diverse groups of black people during a pivotal moment in global history. You can read more about the project in advance here.

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Date: 17th June 2020

Time: 3pm

Location:Virtual- We will email you a link once you have registered.

Lecturer: Dr Oliver Ayers