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Withdrawal from Studies Post Enrolment

As a student who is studying at NCH on a Student Visa, your withdrawal from your programme post-enrollment will have effects on your immigration status. Once you are withdrawn from your programme, NCH, as your visa sponsor, will withdraw our sponsorship of your visa. Please note that as a result of the withdrawal of our sponsorship, UKVI will curtail/cancel your visa. This means that the end date of your current visa will be shortened to reflect the fact that you are no longer studying with us. You will need to leave the UK within 60 days from the date of the report. Your visa will be cancelled and you not be able to study with us since a report to UKVI would have been made.

There are a number of different reasons why you would be withdrawn from your programme of study post-enrolment.  This could include but is not limited to the following:

  •  You have chosen to withdraw from your studies at NCH;
  •  You wish to change your major and you are  required to return home to make a fresh visa application;
  •  You have failed to remain academically engaged in your studies;
  •  You are taking a break from your studies.
  •  You have changed visa categories.

The UKVI regulations require us to obtain evidence from you to confirm that you have left the country or planning to leave the UK within 60 days from the date of report to UKVI and you would be asked to provide us with a confirmation statement of your departure and send us a copy of your flight ticket or itinerary.

This is to ensure that we can evidence your timely return and prove that you have not overstayed. This will also benefit your immigration history that needs to be cleared, especially since your visa will be cancelled. This will also be helpful if you will need to come back to the UK in future for study or any other purposes and will be making a new visa application in future.

If you wish to withdraw from your studies, you should contact the Visa Compliance Team ( to discuss the implications that the withdrawal will have on your visa. You should also contact Registry and Student Finance to discuss your withdrawal.

The Visa Compliance Team will always contact you to confirm our withdrawal of sponsorship.