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Leaving the UK permanently

The United Kingdom Visa & Immigration regulations require us as your visa sponsor to have evidence in our records confirming that you have left the UK. This is usually a flight ticket and a confirmation email. 

This will benefit your immigration history that needs to be cleared, especially if your UK student visa is going to be cancelled. This will also be helpful if you will need to come back to the UK in the future for study or any other purposes and will be making a new student visa application or visa application in any other category. 

Leave During Term Time

We strongly advise you to consult with the Visa Compliance Team (VCT) and your faculty before you plan to leave the UK for a reasonable period of time during the term-time. If approved, the VCT will be able to advise and issue you a letter confirming the permission to travel during term time to ensure that you will not face any challenges upon returning to the UK. You may be questioned by the immigration officer upon returning to the UK and your entry may be denied if you fail to inform the College and travelled without the College’s permission.

You can contact the Visa Compliance Team ( for further details.