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Attendance & Academic Engagement Monitoring

The College has a responsibility to its students and to external bodies including United Kingdom Visa & Immigration (UKVI) to ensure that students are attending and studying, so as to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements, and the College’s requirements. International Students on a Student Visa are expected to attend all scheduled classes and study points as required by New College of the Humanities (the College). Students must be fully academically engaged in order to successfully complete their programme of study. The College monitors the engagement of all enrolled students. The College considers a student academically engaging if they are actively and consistently following their programme of study.

The Visa Compliance Team monitors student academic engagement regularly and identifies any students who have not reached 70% academic engagement of key events (study contacts points) in consecutive two weeks without approval or have a demonstrable pattern of non-academic engagement causing concern. The student falling in any of those categories will be regarded as having unsatisfactory engagement.

The student will be asked to provide a valid reason and evidence (where necessary) via email. If the response received via email is satisfactory then no further action is required. Otherwise, the student will be asked to sign the warning to ensure progress in the student’s academic engagement. If the student continues to ignore these warnings then the student visa sponsorship will be withdrawn and the visa will be cancelled. 

You can access detailed information on Academic Engagement Monitoring policy and process here.