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Research in the humanities

Research in the humanities, and in related areas such as economics and law, aims to understand, interpret, explain, and influence human affairs, ranging from the utterly personal to the thoroughly public.

Researchers in these fields bring their expertise – their specialist knowledge, investigative methods, and skills – to bear in addressing some of the most pressing issues facing individuals and society in the contemporary world.

It is therefore of vital importance that such research be undertaken, both within and across academic disciplines, and through engagement with the non-academic worlds; and the findings must be disseminated to specialist audiences, and more widely.

For highlights of our faculty’s recent research, visit our academic blog.

NCH's leading academics

NCH faculty members are leading authorities in their fields; and they are strongly supported by the College in their research activities.

Excellent infrastructural resources –  home to the College’s various subject faculties and interdisciplinary research groups, as well as the nearby Senate House Library – facilitate their work, as do specially designated research funds for both subject faculties and their individual members, and generous allowances for research leave.

It is this support which allows the faculty to cultivate the expertise which makes them not only the excellent educators they are, but also key intellectual participants in the wider world.

NCH faculty can access the College’s research portal here.

Research by Subject

NCH academics conduct research in all of the major subjects in which we offer degree courses, namely:

Researchers at the College also engage in:

Visiting Fellows Program

NCH runs a visiting fellows program, offering full SCR membership to academics at other institutions who wish to spend some time in London.

Those interested in applying should contact the head of faculty in their subject, or the college research officer, for further details.