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International Students

We understand how moving to a new country and culture can be a daunting prospect, all while trying to start your degree, so we offer excellent pastoral care and support throughout your application to NCH, and, of course, once you arrive.

"Coming from a small village in the Alps, I thought moving to London would be overwhelming. In fact I was surprised as to how smooth the transition was into the city. With the help of NCH students and student support, I found it very easy to move into the big city. London, although large, is an amalgamation of small villages, each with its own little charm."

Sebastian Aisher, ULIP Economics (Graduated, 2017)

"Moving to the UK, in particular London, has definitely been a learning experience! Coming from a small city in New Zealand, I thought I would find London quite a daunting task to deal with. However, my fears evaporated as soon as I began at NCH and got to know people. Living in such a vast city also means I now have so many exciting opportunities on my doorstep! PS: Try opting for the bus over the Tube – it is the best way to get your bearings!"

Te Manu Boynton, ULIP Politics (PPE) (Graduated, 2016)

"Moving over from Belgium to London changed my life. At first, the city seemed too vast and hectic ever to feel like a home. Yet, as soon as I started my first year at NCH, everything felt different. My period of acclimatisation was suddenly ended, not only because the College itself feels like a lovely home on Bedford Square, but also for the fact of sharing a daily life with friends who have lived in London their whole lives. My favourite thing about this city is that it will surprise you every single day and its exploration seems endless."

Raphaël Tulkens, ULIP Philosophy (Graduated, 2015)