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During your studies you will be assessed through a diverse repertoire of authentic, inclusive, and personalised assessments.

In line with our commitment to experiential learning, our assessment strategy prioritises the application of knowledge and skills to public and professional settings, thus engaging you in and preparing you for citizenship and employment. 

We don’t conflate the “real world” with the “world of work” meaning that you can expect our assessments to consider you holistically, paying equal attention to scholarship, employability, wellbeing and self-actualisation. 

Planned assessment modes include: 

  • Portfolio
  • Simulation or Role Play
  • Group Work
  • Set Exercises
  • Written Coursework
  • Open and Closed Book Exams
  • Presentations

We believe that assessments are a tool for and not only a measure of learning, and whether your assessment is formative or summative, you will receive valuable feedback motivating you to continue learning.