Date: Tuesday 12 January 2021

Speaker: Professor Adam Zeman

Start Time: 18.15

Finish Time: 19.45

Location: Zoom


The Eye’s Mind

Consciousness is likely to be widely shared by creatures other than humankind. What – if anything – sets us apart? One strong contender is imagination – our capacity to detach ourselves from the here and now, revisit the past, contemplate the future, and enter the virtual worlds of art and science. I will explore the psychological and neural bases of the imagination and its links to creativity. For most of us visual imagery is an important component of imaginative experience. I will describe people – probably 2-3% of the world’s population – who lack wakeful imagery entirely, contrasting them to a somewhat larger group with imagery as vivid as ‘real seeing’: these intriguing, and psychologically informative, ‘imagery vividness extremes’ have been oddly neglected over the past century.