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1. Can you guarantee accommodation?

Yes, we can guarantee rooms at all of the recommended providers, besides International Students House (ISH) and Drapery Place, based on availability.

ISH – International Students House operates a competitive applications process for rooms. You will also need to apply to them directly through their website. If they offer you a room, you can confirm it by paying your deposit and signing your contract. Please note that we cannot guarantee rooms at ISH.

Drapery Place – You will need to apply directly to Unite Drapery Place, availability can be found on their website.

2. Do I have to live in one of the NCH recommended halls of residence?

No. London offers a huge range of accommodation options to choose from. While most first-year students live in student halls of residence, there are a variety of housing options available to you. You can find more information about further options here.

3. What are the benefits of living in one of the NCH-recommended halls of residence?

You will be sharing your accommodation and the wider halls with other NCH students in addition to students from other universities, making it easier to make friends. We have selected these halls because we believe that they offer the best combinations of price, location and comfort for our students. 


4. Where can I find out more about these halls of residence?

You can find out more here. Or you can look at the Urbanest Tower Bridge, Unite Drapery Place, Well Street Hall or ISH website. Please make sure you place any room bookings here, as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to put you with other NCH students if you book directly with Urbanest Tower Bridge.

5. When do bookings open?

Bookings are now open for all residences HERE

6. Where do most NCH students live now?

NCH students have a wide range of living arrangements, including living at home, private rentals, and student halls. 

Our 2021 cohort is split across student and private accommodation. Drapery Place has the largest number of NCH students, and then there are a handful of students at ISH and Urbanest Tower Bridge. 


7. How do I book my room at NCH recommended halls?

Please make sure you submit your accommodation choices on our online booking form here, especially for Urbanest Tower Bridge, as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to put you in a flat with other NCH students if you book directly with Urbanest Tower Bridge.

For Drapery Place, Well Street Hall and ISH you will also need to book directly with them on their websites.


8. How do I book my room at ISH?

You will need to apply directly via the ISH website here as well as through our booking form when booking opens. Please note that as ISH operates an application system, rather than a booking process, you are not guaranteed to be offered a place there.


9. Why is the booking process different at ISH?

ISH operates as a charity, rather than a commercial provider. Their mission is to create a diverse student community and to enable students who otherwise might struggle to study in London. This is how they are able to offer the truly competitive accommodation prices in their central location. It is to be expected then, that there is a lot more interest in ISH than they have space, and as such they need to implement a selection process.

10. How can I submit a competitive application to ISH?

Keep in mind their goals: to create an engaged, diverse student community. Think about how you could contribute to that end, and let them know about it in the application form.

11. What are my chances of getting a place at ISH?

While it varies from year to year, ISH usually makes offers to about half of the students who apply to stay with them. A large majority of twin rooms will be issued to first-year students at ISH.


12. Can you help me if I want to live in the private rental sector?

Here is some information to help you navigate the private rental market. You can also contact our Housing Officer, Natalie if you have any questions about privately renting in London.

13. How much are the deposits for NCH recommended halls?

Please see below for current deposits/advance rent payments* for our recommended providers:

Urbanest Tower Bridge: One week’s rent

Unite Students Drapery Place: £250 advance rent payment

Well Street Hall: £500

International Students House (ISH): £600

*Prices correct as of December 2020

15. How long is the cooling off (cancellation) period?

Urbanest Tower Bridge: up to 14 days after accepting your terms and conditions and paying your one weeks rent.

Unite Students Drapery Place: up to 7 days after you are sent your e-mail confirming your booking is complete.

Well Street Hall: no later than one day before the first Payment Due Date.  However, if you wish to terminate your agreement within 56 days before the first Payment Due Date, you will be charged a cancellation fee of £150

16. What happens if I can no longer attend NCH but I've booked a room?

Many accommodation providers understand that students may need to cancel accommodation for a number of reasons and so cancellation deadlines are put in place.

It is important that you read your tenancy agreement in full to understand your rental liability.

Please see below for more information on the NCH recommended accommodation cancellation policies.

Unite Students Cancellation Policy

Urbanest Cancellation Policy

Well Street Hall Cancellation Information

17. When is the latest I can book to be guaranteed a room in the halls?

A majority of rooms will be held until mid-June 2022 dependent on availability. We, therefore, strongly recommend that you book your room before this date. If you delay after this date, you may be able to book a room, however, there will be limited availability, possibly only the more expensive room types available, and we may not be able to place you in a flat with other NCH students.

For International Student House, there is an application process, which is very competitive. We therefore strongly recommend that you apply as soon as applications open, which is currently scheduled for June 1st. This will give you the best chance of being offered a room.

18. Will I be sharing a room with fellow NCH students?

Wherever possible, we will put NCH students booking rooms in shared flats or shared rooms together with other NCH students. However, for a number of reasons, it is not always possible, these include:

  • Students changing their mind about accommodation after rooms have been allocated
  • Not enough students booking the same type of room

Nevertheless, you will still be in halls with other NCH students and students from other London universities, and you will build your network of friends. Some students very much enjoy having roommates from other universities as it expands their network.

19. When is the best time to book a room?

If you want a specific room type, then it would be better to book in by the end of May so that you can be sure that you secure the room you want.

If you delay after this date, you may be able to book a room, however, there will be limited availability, possibly only the more expensive room types available and we may not be able to place you in a flat with other NCH students.

20. What if I do not get into ISH?

We recommend that you apply as soon as possible to ISH so that you get your outcome early. If you are unsuccessful, we would suggest that you book a room at Urbanest Tower Bridge or one of our further accommodation options. If this is not possible, you should contact us as soon as possible as we often have a few extra rooms available in August as a result of the Clearing process.

21. Do I need contents/possession insurance?

If you stay in our recommended accommodation, contents insurance is included in your weekly rent. If you choose to stay elsewhere, possessions insurance is optional, but we recommend that you have your possessions insured either through your parents’ household contents policy or one of the specialist student contents insurance providers.

22. Do I need a TV licence?

If you stay in our recommended accommodation, you may have a flatscreen Freeview TV in your shared living area. For this, you do not need a TV licence. However, if you choose to watch IPTV live or have your own TV in your bedroom, you are required to have your own TV licence, which costs £157.50 per year (subject to change each year)

23. I am under 18, can I apply for accommodation with your recommended providers?

Urbanest Tower Bridge: You must turn 18 during your stay. You can be 17 when you check-in as long as you turn 18 before the end of your tenancy.

Unite Students Drapery Place: Under 18 students can apply. If you are under 16 you will be unable to apply.

Well Street Hall: Well Street Hall are unable to accept under 18 students.

ISH: ISH are unable to accept under 18 students.

24. I have a few more accommodation questions that I cannot find the answer to, who can I contact?

We are here to answer any questions you may have! Please get in touch with Natalie Kumah, our Housing Officer, if you have any further questions: