Choose your London student accommodation

London offers a huge range of accommodation options to choose from. While most first year students live in student halls of residence, there are a variety of housing options available to you.

Our students say....

“I would certainly recommend ISH to other future students. Having a 20 minute walk to NCH is highly convenient, as it means I don’t have to take the tube. This allows for far more flexibility during the day, as well as saving money. On top of this, my room has both a large fridge-freezer and a sink, which make life much easier. The catered breakfasts are pretty good, with a decent variety of choices.

However, the cooking facilities are rather lacking, having to share one kitchen between two entire floors. This makes using it almost impossible, as it is usually far too busy. There is a small kitchenette in each corridor, though this consists of a single microwave and toaster, so is not ideal.

There is also a lot of construction work at the moment, as they are replacing windows and renovating two entire floors. It is very loud and can be disruptive, but is hopefully not a permanent aspect of life at ISH.

Overall, I would strongly recommend ISH to future NCH students. The location, large fridge-freezer, sink and catered breakfasts outweigh the issues with cooking facilities, leaving it as an excellent choice of accommodation.”

Rowan, BSc (Hons) Politics & International Relations with Creative Writing (2022)