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The NCH Student Union (NCHSU) is a student-led organisation at the heart of the NCH student experience. The NCHSU exists to promote the interests of the student body as well as planning social and extracurricular activities and providing support to student clubs and societies.

This union has three aims:

  1. Engaging the totality of the student body
  2. Bringing the union closer to self-sufficiency
  3. Building a social hub in college

Upon joining NCH you will automatically be enrolled in the NCHSU and able to take advantage of the benefits that this entails.

Student Union roles

NCHSU is run by eight union officers, who represent every student and their interests throughout their time at NCH. Officers are elected by their fellow students and serve a one-year term in their role. Elections are held during Michaelmas term for the following roles, each focusing on a different area of student life:


Richard Gill
Age: 21
Degree: Politics & IR with History
Hobbies: Outside of NCH, my time is consumed by reading, drinking coffee and trying to remain stoic about Northern Ireland’s football performance
Role description: My role is to advocate for the concerns and ambitions of our students within NCH. I also coordinate the work of the Union, to ensure that all Officers have the resources and support they require to achieve their goals effectively, and to keep implementing new ideas to make student life more vibrant and rewarding.



Jamal Malik
Age: 20
Degree: Economics with English
Hobbies: I’m an avid musician, and I help to run NCH Live.
Role description: Ensure our union has the financial resources required to accomplish its goals, organise and set the agenda for union meetings and take minutes in order to ensure accountability


Welfare & Diversity

Sophia Swindlehurst
Welfare & diversity officer
Age: 19
Degree: Philosophy with Politics & IR
Hobbies: My hobbies include pretty much any type of dancing, watching too much Netflix and wearing anything yellow.
Role description: To support and monitor the welfare of the student body, work alongside the college to encourage more diversity, support students from diverse backgrounds and manage the welfare and diversity committee



Henrik Polzer
Societies officer
Age: 20
Degree: Economics, with Philosophy and Politics
Hobbies: My hobbies are flying (I’m a pilot), travelling, cooking, and planning my next vacation.
Role description: I am the point of contact for all societies with the union. What that means is that I help set up new societies, allocate society budgets, organise the logistics for society events, am responsible for Thursday evening events, and have as my primary purpose to make sure that societies at NCH thrive and grow.


Facilities Officer

Phoebe Maunder
Facilities officer
Age: 21
Degree: English with Philosophy
Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, eating, sleeping, repeating…
Role description: My role as facilities officer is to make the college a fantastic place to work and spend time in. This means ensuring that the study area is an effective space to work in and the common room is a relaxing and fun place to spend time between lectures. – I’m here to give our student area a lil’ TLC.


Media & Communications

Ruben Brooke
Media & Communications Officer
Age: 21
Degree: Philosophy with English
Hobbies: I take an amateur dramatics class (useful for student politics!). I have been doing some work with education charities for the last few months, and I’m particularly interested in climate change education.
Role description: I send out the Student Fortnightly email bulletin to the whole NCH community, assist with the communications side of union events and take part with all of the other officers in union decision making when it does not concern one specific area.



Imogen and Valentine
Events officer
Age: 21/20
Degree: Philosophy with Politics/Economics with Politics

I: I work at a bridge club and teach bridge privately throughout the year, I always make time to watch musicals and classical ballet throughout the term, enjoy reading, sketching and dancing in my free time and am trying to visit every cocktail bar in the world top fifty, and all the best and most interesting afternoon teas in London.

V: Honestly? Walking around London discovering new places (honestly you’ll never get enough of it!) and eating chocolate with a real passion on a daily basis pretty much fills all of my free time!
Role Description: Organise events and bar night during term time as well as the end of term Balls (Summer and Winter)


Volunteering & Fundraising

Poppy Glaister
Volunteering and Fundraising officer
Age: 19
Degree: PPE – Economics major
Hobbies: I try and make the most of what’s on offer in London. I love going to galleries, going to the cinema and finding really good food.
Role description: Encouraging volunteering within the student body, highlighting opportunities in the local area and organising fundraising activities, raising money towards our cause of the term, which for Hilary is Homelessness and Housing.