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What happens in Freshers' Week?


A lot! This is a very important week, and not just socially. You will receive information from student support staff, from your faculty and from the NCH Student Union, all of which will be vital in helping you throughout your time at NCH.

Of course, Freshers’ Week is also a time to meet all your new classmates, to start to create friendships and to have the traditional fun and frolics. The week will culminate in the Matriculation Ball, where you formally become a member of New College of the Humanities.

Want to know more? You can get in touch with our current students here and ask them what Freshers’ Week is like.

Useful Contacts

Your best option is to contact the member of the admissions team you’ve been in touch with. They’ll either be able to answer your query, or will be able to ask the appropriate person to respond.

You can also contact Student & Academic Services via or call the office on +44 (0) 20 7637 4550.

You can also speak to our current students here.

Do I need to contact NCH with my results?

Yes. Regardless of whether you already hold your examination results or if you are currently studying for your Level 3 qualifications (IB, A-Levels, Pre-U), we do need to see a copy of your original exam certificate before you register as a student.

If you are currently studying for your examinations, please ensure you call us with your results as soon as you have these – regardless of your offer, we still need to have this information.

Is there any work to prepare before the start of term?

Yes – you will receive a reading list and a summer assignment from your faculty. You can also find them here. Both will contain instructions regarding what preparation is required, as it varies from subject to subject.

NCH Freshers' Fair

Whatever your passion – art, music, theatre, performing arts, creative writing or playwriting to playing poker or sharing your appreciation of craft beer – join us at the
NCH Fresher’s Fair to get involved in bringing it to life through the NCH SU.

You’ll have the opportunity to decide if you would like to join one of our existing societies (Bedfellows, NCHess, NCH Live, the Feminist Society, LGBTQ, to name a few) or form a group of like-minded fellow students to pursue your interests with the help and support of the NCH SU.

Student Central

Student Central is the ultimate hub of student life in London and NCH students can join as an Associate Member for an annual fee of £40*. Once you have your associate membership card, you can attend the Student Central freshers’ event to see the range of Societies and Sports Clubs that London’s biggest student union has to offer.

Meet the Staff

You can learn more about the NCH non-academic professional staff here.

You can learn more about the NCH academic staff here.