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The NCH School Certificate in Philosophy Assessment Guidance

  1. Schools are asked to submit grades and a sample of 6 projects (2 from the top end of the range, 2 mid-range and 2 from the low end of the mark range) by 1st June. 
  2. A form for submitting grades and project samples will be sent to schools.
  3. Projects should be submitted as pdf files only. If videos or presentations have been produced, samples of these can be submitted by sending in screenshots or slides. Similarly, any projects that have been produced in hard copy (e.g. as sketchbooks) should be photographed or scanned to produce a pdf file. 
  4. In applying the marking grids, teachers should apply their judgement about the best-fit making band, based on all the evidence produced by the student.
  5. Comments from the teacher should be recorded on the Course Proforma.
  6. In the case of group projects, teachers should make clear how they arrived at their marks for individual students on the basis of the evidence available. Annotation or colour-coding within a shared project to show which sections were produced by which student is helpful in supporting marking decisions.
  7. Marks should be internally moderated within the school to ensure a shared understanding of the standard. The exemplars available on the NCH website should be used to help establish an expectation of the standard at different grades.
  8. If marks from the sample are agreed by the NCH examiner, the school will receive a report on their marking and certificates will be issued.
  9. If the NCH examiner does not agree with the marks from the sample, the school will be provided with feedback and asked to make a grade adjustment before submitting a further sample of projects. 
  10. An appeals process will be available following certification. 
  11. Requests for special consideration on behalf of individual students can be made along with the entry.


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