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Study at Northeastern University in Boston, USA, in Summer 2022 for FREE*

Studying for your undergraduate degree at NCH London will offer you a range of exciting, international, academic and employment experiences.

Start your NCH London studies in Boston, USA

In the summer of 2022, students who have accepted an offer to study at NCH London starting in September 2022 can choose to experience two weeks in the vibrant, global community of Northeastern University in Boston, USA, on an all-inclusive, residential Accelerate: Pre-College Programme worth £4,500 – FOR FREE. You only pay for your flights, transfers, visa fee, and travel & health insurance.

This is just one of the exciting, international, academic opportunities the College is developing for students joining the College in September 2022.

Accelerate your academic future

An Accelerate: Pre-College Programme gives you the opportunity to participate in immersive, experiential, non-credit bearing courses with Northeastern University’s acclaimed faculty and other talented high school students from around the world.

What’s included?

Your residential programmes includes:

academic tuition

class materials



staff supervision

field trips

guest speakers

social activities

*You just need to cover the cost of your travel to and from Boston, and appropriate visa costs, travel and health insurance for the duration of your stay.

Choose your Accelerate: Pre-College Programme

Design Discovery (Dates TBC)

Students admitted to the Design Discovery program will experience a range of rigorous, college-level assignments with like-minded students and experienced college faculty.

Through a series of six short, intensive projects, students will better understand design and discover how one learns to become a designer. The results of these projects will become portfolio pieces which demonstrate the student’s ideas, skills, and craft, as well as confidence in the design process and in critical thinking.

Students will be asked to explore design issues of composition and form, positive & negative space, color, shape, pattern and rhythm, as well as, using an archive, creating systems, and understanding the difference in properties of material. This will be explored in 2 dimension and 3 dimension by utilizing drawing, painting, animation, photography, the computer, and creating objects in a makers space.

Students can expect off campus visits to sites such as the Museum of Fine Arts, and each day will culminate with a different guest speaker.

Experiential Entrepreneurship (Dates TBC)

Experiential Entrepreneurship is a summer program designed for future entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their ideas. In this program, students learn to be an entrepreneur by being an entrepreneur. They will form teams and build a startup from an idea to a pitch in front of a panel of entrepreneurs.

Along the way, they will have access to industry professionals who will provide guidance on topics such as finding and growing an audience, business planning, product development, negotiation, pitch presentations, and more.

Students will also visit start-up businesses and have other field trips to bring what they are learning to life. This opportunity to go from an idea to a pitch for high school students is a one of a kind experience.

Humanity in a Digital World (Dates TBC)

For students who are interested in the social sciences and humanities, the Humanity in a Digital World program will study the relationships among technology and knowledge, society and ethics. Over the course of the two weeks, students will develop a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between the technological, artistic, informational, and social aspects of their world.

In hands-on projects, students will explore both historical and contemporary technologies as they learn to print a physical book using letterpress techniques consisting of memes drawn from their own Twitter bot. They will complement such experiential engagements with spirited discussion of the values expressed through, and created by, human technologies.

Students will visit Mindtrek VR, a multi-person virtual reality experience. They’ll get to explore a virtual world together, experience a spaceship breaking down, managing threats, and working together to make it through the experience. This experience will be used to motivate discussions about whether emerging technologies can replace current interpersonal interactions, whether they enable us to replace real relationships with virtual ones, what we can learn from virtual activities, and what the costs and benefits of doing so would be.

Students will also learn to create and run computer simulations to test hypotheses about the world. For example, students might create a simulation of climate or other resource negotiations to see what kinds of factors generate agreement or which factors undermine agreement. We will then talk about when to trust such simulations, when they can be a tool for thinking about the world outside the simulation.

In past iterations, students also toured the MFA and library archives, learned to use a printing press and make their own book to learn how knowledge creation has evolved and the challenges we face now and in the past in knowledge creation.

Book your place

Once you have accepted your offer to study at NCH, you will have the opportunity to confirm your place on Accelerate.

Terms and Conditions

The programme usually costs £4,500, so we ask for a deposit of £1,500, which is refunded once you complete your first term at NCH.

You’ll only need to cover the cost of your return flights to Boston, transfers and travel insurance. A limited number of means-tested bursaries may be available.

You can read and download the terms and conditions for the 2022 NCH London Accelerate offer here, which is subject to change for the 2022 cycle.

One of the best aspects of doing the summer school at Northeastern University was the opportunity that it gives you to take your first step towards independence before being thrown in the ‘deep end’ at university. You have the opportunity to go to a foreign country and try out living and studying on your own terms to a much greater extent than you will ever have done in high school. However, going to Northeastern not only helps you develop your capacity for independence but also your understanding of what you are going to study. The talented intellectuals of Northeastern do a wonderful job at getting you to consider your chosen subject on the course from new interesting and often mind-bending ways. This is made all the better by the wide and diverse range of fellow students you will be studying with and the fact that you will invariably make some great friends along the way.

The course is also a unique way to experience the historic city of Boston, with you not only having the opportunity to live on a beautiful campus and sample the delicious range of local food but also to experience the great range of activities the city has to offer. With the course  allowing you to go to everything from a local red socks game to nearby escape rooms. The course is made all the better by going through NCH as it allows you to meet your what will be your fellow students after the summer. Allowing you an early attempt to meet friends for university making matriculation must less stressful a prospect.

In summary, doing the pre-college program at Northeastern resulted in some of the best weeks of my life. From the people you meet to the new lessons and subjects you learn, it’s such a great adventure. It’s a great opportunity to learn a new way at looking at the world while also gaining a level of independence that most students don’t have before university, and I therefore  recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to give it a go.

Alex, BSc (Hons) Politics & IR with Philosophy (2022)