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Politics & IR Faculty research

NCH is the host institution for the interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed International Social Science Journal and members of the Politics & International Relations Faculty participate in the transdisciplinary Centre for Identity, Cooperation and Crisis, The Ottoline Club and Ottoline Online. Members of the Politics/IR Faculty, including Dr. Diana Bozhilova and Dr. David Rampton, have also contributed current and past research to the NCH Working Paper Series.

The Faculty has particular strengths in a number of significant and topical areas, some of which are listed below.


Research and Teaching Interests

History of Political Thought

Dr Marius Ostrowski’s specialisms include the political thought of late-Wilhelmine and Weimar Germany. Marius also has interests in the political thought of Eduard Bernstein, Ferdinand Tönnies, Martin Heidegger, Walter Lippmann, Louis Althusser, and Pierre Bourdieu.

Marius Ostrowski is currently completing an edited volume of three works by the German social-democratic thinker and politician Eduard Bernstein.

Dr Callum Barrell’s research is on the history of political thought in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with a particular focus on the philosophy of history and the history of utilitarianism. He also supervises on these and other topics in the history of political thought, including international political theory.

Callum is currently writing a book about history and historiography in classical utilitarianism.

Social & Political Theory

Dr Marius Ostrowski’s research includes the study of ideologies (socialism, social democracy, and nationalism) and theories of class and their intersections with personal identities of race, gender, age, and education; political economy and institutional theory.

Dr David Rampton’s research engages a number of fields of social and political theory including the post-structuralism of Michel Foucault, neo-Gramscian and Postcolonial and Subaltern School approaches. He is also interested in the theorisation of nationalism and its relationship to global liberal order (including empire/colonialism), and dynamics of power, conflict, political violence and peace.

Europe & European Politics

Dr Marius Ostrowski has research interests in European electoral and party systems

Dr Diana Bozhilova’s research explores economic recovery and investment in South East Europe post-financial crisis, EU-Russia energy negotiations, and enlargement of the EU. Diana Bozhilova has published widely in peer-reviewed journals on EU politics and is currently working on an article about EU relations with India.

Identity & Social Order

Dr David Rampton’s research focuses on the role of identity and social order in historical processes of conflict, political violence and war in colonial and postcolonial contexts. Key to this focus is the dynamic intersection between liberal, imperial and nationalist orders and identities. David has recently published research in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals including the European Journal of International Relations and Review of International Studies.

Dr Marius Ostrowski’s research engages with and public opinion research, democracy and democratisation, federalism and devolution, legitimacy, power, and identity

Industry, Energy and Security

Dr Diana Bozhilova has research interests in Industrial Policy Reform, energy, security, and foreign direct investment.


Dr Diana Bozhilova’s research interests include Teaching Methods, Women in India, the UN Secretary-General elections.

Dr Pablo Calderon-Martinez’s research examines the intersection between economic internationalisation and democratisation processes.

Politics/IR Faculty Guest Speaker Series

The Politics and IR Faculty also runs a Politics/IR Guest Speaker Seminar Series, featuring academics, policy-makers and diplomats presenting their research or talking about pressing current affairs issues to the Faculty and to NCH. Past speakers have included Vernon Bogdanor (King’s College London), Sir Tony Brenton (Former Ambassador to Russia), Xuechen Chen (King’s College London), Christopher Coker (LSE), Vesselin Dimitrov, (LSE), Charlotte Grant (UN IMO), Hristo Hadjinikolov (UK Cabinet Office) and James Ker-Lindsey (LSE).