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NCH ranks higher than Russell Group

New College of the Humanities achieved better student satisfaction scores than every member of the prestigious Russell Group, according to the National Student Survey (NSS 2018) in eight out of nine categories, and 19 out of 27 questions, including the all-important overall student satisfaction.

The percentage of students who agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course” by institution:

  1. New College of the Humanities: 93.3%
  2. University of Leeds: 87.98%
  3. University of Glasgow: 87.7%
  4. University of Exeter: 87.21%
  5. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne: 86.14%
  6. University of Birmingham: 85.99%
  7. University of Sheffield: 85.33%
  8. University of Liverpool: 84.99%
  9. University of Durham: 84.63%
  10. University of York: 84.61%
  11. University of Warwick: 84.56%
  12. University of Nottingham: 84.16%
  13. University of Southampton: 83.55%
  14. Cardiff University: 83.46%
  15. University of Manchester: 83.44%
  16. Queens University of Belfast: 82.86%
  17. Imperial College London: 81.86%
  18. University of Bristol: 81.59%
  19. Queen Mary, University of London: 81%
  20. University College London: 79.74%
  21. King’s College London: 78.78%
  22. University of Edinburgh: 77.41%
  23. The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE): 70.75%

Read the full NSS 2018 results from the Office for Students (OfS). You’ll find New College of the Humanities listed as Tertiary Education Services. Please note that the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford did not achieve sufficient responses in the NSS and therefore there are no statistics published for their students.


The research reveals that 100% of NCH students consider NCH academic staff to be good at explaining things, a key metric for teaching quality, compared to only 89% of undergraduates at Russell Group institutions. With one of the best staff-to-student ratios in UK higher education, you have unrivalled access to academics, carefully selected for their enthusiasm for teaching and their research interest.


97% of New College of the Humanities students report that they have received helpful comments on their work, versus 67% at Russell Group universitiesThrough undergraduate one-to-one tutorials, our academics engage and work with you to clarify, challenge, defend and develop the arguments and ideas you express in your essays.


NCH scores better than Russell Group universities in an overwhelming majority of areas, with 97% of our students stating that academic staff make the subject interesting, versus 81% of Russell Group undergraduates.

Graduate employability

‘It wasn’t until the last year of my degree that I realised just how fortunate I’ve been to have to the guidance provided by NCH through the LAUNCH programme. When it came to applying for jobs I had a mentor alongside me for each step, demystifying the interview process so  I felt in control and prepared. Knowing that this support will continue once I’ve left the college is invaluable’. Amy Lynch, History BA with Art History (Lond/NCH, 2017)

The skills acquired through the study of humanities-based subjects are of increasing desire to employers, in the art world and beyond. These skills translate directly to the capabilities needed to perform in jobs at a high level in the professional world and tackle the business challenges of today.

LAUNCH, NCH’s professional development programme, alongside the unique NCH curriculum is not seen at any other university in the UK. It seems obvious to offer a professional skills programme as part of a degree, but NCH has been a trailblazer in putting it into practice. LAUNCH is a cornerstone of the innovative educational experience offered at NCH. Our graduates have gone on to top internships and jobs as well as other leading universities for postgraduate study.