If you feel that you need extra support during your time at NCH, the Student Wellbeing Team is available and you can contact them via:

If you feel you need urgent or emergency support please click on the following link: What to do in a Crisis

What support will you have at NCH?

For some students, the thought of studying in such a vast city as London may be daunting, but at NCH (the College) you will benefit from a warm, supportive, friendly community in a collegiate environment from which to launch yourself confidently into London life.

Our staff is friendly, approachable, responsive and easy to contact. Whether you need guidance on day-to-day student life, academic matters, illness or other worries, there is always someone who will listen and offer support.


After receiving your offer, you would have been introduced to your buddy by a member of the student recruitment team via email. It is possible that you have spoken to them already during your interview visit, offer holder event or via the Unibuddy chat platform found on our website. Your buddy is a student ambassador either in their first or second year of study, studying either the same major or minor (sometimes both) as you. Once you enrol, they’ll be a friendly face to greet you during Freshers’ Week, and is an additional point of support with any academic queries, and to generally help you settle into life at the College.


You will get to know your tutors and lecturers from your very first day at the College. They will take a personal interest in your academic development both in the classroom and at the variety of subject specific events that take place throughout the year. Your lecturers and tutors are your first port of call if you have any queries or concerns about your academic performance, workload or specific assignments.

Personal Tutors

You will be allocated a member of faculty as your personal tutor. They do not have direct academic responsibility for the students assigned to them but they are tasked with taking an interest in your general academic progress and welfare.

If a personal or medical emergency impacts upon your studies and you require an extended absence or essay extension, consult the Extenuating Circumstances Policy found in the NCH Academic Handbook.

Student & Academic Services

Rosalind Barrs (Registrar) and Valentina Parrinello (Academic Services Coordinator) can help you with orientation, registration, student finance and assessments.

Student Wellbeing Team

Please familarise yourself with College’s Student Welfare Policy.

The Student Wellbeing Team (SWT) is made up Rebecca Harrison (Head of Student Wellbeing), Sharon Godfrey (Mental Health Adviser) and Maddy Hughes (Student Wellbeing Coordinator). Through workshops and one-to-one appointments, the SWT can provide information, advice and guidance on a range of issues, from personal and academic issues to specialist referrals.

The SWT also work alongside other members of staff and students’ GPs, all of whom can provide ongoing support.

Prior to accessing support through the SWT, please register with a local GP and agree to information sharing with them. We advise students to register with Holborn Medical Centre at the earliest opportunity.

Rebecca Harrison, Head of Student Wellbeing, assists students with general wellbeing concerns while collaborating with Maddy and Sharon to create workshops and other wellness content for students.

Maddy Hughes, Student Wellbeing Coordinator, is your first point of contact for disability support including specific learning difficulties and physical disabilities.

Sharon Godfrey, Mental Health Adviser, is the College’s primary source of information and advice for students experiencing mental health concerns.

If you would like to discuss your mental wellbeing, please contact using the following email: You will then be offered an appointment to meet with the Mental Health Adviser.


The Operations team ensures the smooth running of the College. We are in charge of financial management, corporate relationships, human resources, the upkeep of the Registry, IT facilities, and timetabling.