Date: Wednesday 11 September, 2019

Speaker: Professor A C Grayling, Sundeep Waslekar

Arrival Time: 18.30

Start Time: 20.00

Location: Drawing Room

On the evening of Wed 11th Sept 2019, Professor Grayling and Indian peace-maker Sundeep Waslekar are presenting an evening on the Normandy Manifesto for Peace.

As the world moves towards ultra-nationalism and militarism, the Normandy Manifesto for World Peace has been issued by four Nobel Peace Laureates, Prof Grayling and Sundeep Waslekar to present an alternative. Inspired by the Russell-Einstein Manifesto of 1955, it raises the risk of human extinction in the next major war, and provides a new moral compass for the world.

Sundeep and Prof Grayling will present the Manifesto, followed by a conversation between them about peace and likely causes of future conflict.