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The NCH Mind and Brain Conference | March 25-26 2016

On March 25 and 26, 2016, New College of the Humanities will host the NCH Mind and Brain Conference. We aim to bring together researchers at all levels and across disciplines, from around the UK and beyond, working on issues in the philosophy of psychology and cognitive science. We invite submission of papers from scientists, early-career researchers, and both graduate and undergraduate students on areas of cognitive science.

Our two keynote speakers, Daniel Dennett and Nicholas Humphrey, are both winners of the Mind and Brain Prize (2011 and 2015 respectively), and have written on subjects ranging from the nature of consciousness to the social function of intellect, and the evolution of free will. The conference  will also feature talks from a number of speakers competitively selected on the basis of a call for papers aimed at themes related to our keynote speakers’ work.