Date: Thursday 17 October

Speaker: Dr Bert Vaux

Start Time: 18:15

End Time: 20:15

Location: Drawing Room

Dr. Bert Vaux (PhD Harvard, 1994) is a Reader in Phonology and Morphology at Cambridge University and a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. He is particularly interested in dialects of Armenian, Abkhaz, and English.

This lecture surveys the linguistic consequences of the spread of the British Empire, focusing on the development of Englishes in North America, the Antipodes, Africa, India, and the Pacific Islands. In addition to examining the influence of local languages and cultures on English dialects and creoles, we will consider effects that these new varieties had on British Englishes in the homeland.

The English Faculty hopes to see many of you there. Linguistics is a subject that NCH hasn’t to date offered much teaching in; this lecture will fit in to that gap, but should also speak to everyone with an interest in literature, the history of imperialism, and international relations.