LAUNCH student projects

We give our students an early experience of what people who work in the creative industries and professional services sector actually do and to get a feel for dealing with clients. The programme is delivered through project work, interactive seminars and small group discussions with leading professionals from a variety of industries.

First-year charity projects

Each year, our first-year students work in teams to explore and address current issues faced by a range of enterprises. Each group receives a brief with which a charity, social enterprise or business is currently grappling. Their task is to develop a hypothesis, to test that hypothesis using primary customer research and present their recommendations back to their client.

To date, our students have developed projects for organisations including On Our Radar, Find A Cure, Give Me Tap, Angelus and 21st Century Tiger.

In 2018 our students worked on projects for two charities.

Royal British Legion. The Legion is a top ten UK charity with a dual mission: to care for veterans and to foster remembrance of the sacrifices made by people who have served in the armed forces. It is extremely highly regarded, mainly by older people, and its opportunity is to raise its profile and perceptions of its relevance with younger demographics.


Computer Aid. Computer Aid reconditions computers and other peripherals and passes them on for use in developing countries. However, there is also a problem with digital disadvantage in the UK, and the charity is examining how potential beneficiaries of its kit can be segmented and which segments can be quickly served and would benefit most from receiving equipment

Second & third-year start up projects

In their second and third year, students create a new concept and write and test a business plan; and in their final year, they will build a website or app. Recent start-up enterprises have included 

Agron: cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast report via their mobile phone the progress of their crop and the data is aggregated by Agron, packaged and sold to commodities traders, hedge funds and corporates.

Pic It: a mapping app enabling artists who have drawn landmarks to sell their work to tourists.

Sum Jam: artisanal jam made in small batches to extraordinary and original recipes.

Speak App: an app putting young voters in touch with their elected representatives.

Pennies: sanitary towels for women in economically challenging situations.

NCH student's team wins prestigious award for enterprise

A company that has its sights set on making chartered flight affordable to a broader client base has won the University of Leeds’ prestigious prize – the Sir Peter Thompson Enterprise Award, supported by Michael Collins of Goldcrest Land Plc.

The JetLink business venture is led by Henrik Polzer (20), Economics with Politics & International Relations BSc student at New College of the Humanities. Henrik founded the enterprise together with his friends Tim Knickmann, (20), a student at the University of Leeds, Rory Spies (20), a student at the University of Warwick, and Thomas Nellinger (32) who already works as a pilot and who was Henrik’s pilot instructor.

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NCH Start Ups

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