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LAUNCH Testimonials

NCH launch logo_developed5We are proud of the enterprises established by our students that have been derived from or enhanced by the programme, both during their time at NCH and after graduation.

They include a professional theatre company, a business that sells wristbands for young bohemian travellers, and New East Platform, a website that commissions and aggregates political and economic analysis of affairs in Eastern Europe.

A cornerstone of the exceptional educational experience provided at NCH and unique to the College, LAUNCH is the perfect complement to our students’ academic studies.

Nick Robertson

Associate Consultant, OC&C Strategy Consultants

Economics BSc with Politics & International Relations (Lond/NCH, 2017)

‘LAUNCH includes Industry-specific ‘Employer Evenings’ giving you the chance to meet and learn from real-world practitioners and experts in their field. These have frequently led to internships and job opportunities, as well as providing a wider understanding of the requirements of the workplace. LAUNCH also encompasses a system of personalised mentorship and coaching that provides guidance, giving you an enormous advantage when applying for jobs.’

Jonny Corrie

Paralegal, Entrepreneur First

Law LLB with Philosophy (Lond/NCH, 2017)

‘The NCH careers service helps you get a foot in the door by linking you to networks and giving you plenty of face time with employers. I also had success with a technique taught in LAUNCH called the two-hour job search. LAUNCH provides unparalleled grounding for those who want to keep up in a competitive market.’


Salisa Kaur

Politics & International Relations BSc with Philosophy and Economics (Lond/NCH, 2017)

‘LAUNCH has given me a lot of confidence to help me enter the working world, as well experience to showcase. The module on creating a digital app allowed to me to assume a leadership position, and display communication, organisational, and collaborative skills. I was able to talk about this at interviews, with something tangible to show for this. Both LAUNCH and careers support at NCH have been invaluable to me!’


Dr Barbara Hause Schwepcke, Publisher at Haus PublishingDr Barbara Hause Schwepcke, Publisher at Haus Publishing

‘There are only two ways to describe the NCH student who interned with us this summer: incredibly brainy and fantastically versatile. The brainpower of any NCH student was never in any doubt, but the versatility was I am sure a product of the broad liberal arts syllabus. When we said “jump!” she asked “how high?” and always surpassed our expectations.’


Paul Munch, Managing Partner at Maher Bird AssociatesPaul Munch, Managing Partner at Maher Bird Associates

‘MBA have had the pleasure of working with a number of NCH students. We have been impressed by their energy, diligence and unique viewpoints towards challenging advertising briefs. The skills instilled by LAUNCH were clearly evident in the students, who approached the working environment in a professional, yet natural fashion.’