About Xuechen Chen

Xuechen Chen is a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the New College of the
Humanities. She is leader of the course “Comparative Politics”. She also convenes the courses
“the European Union in the World” and “International Organisations: Global and Local”.
Prior to joining NCH, Xuechen was a Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Studies
Department at SOAS, University of London. Xuechen completed a PhD in European Studies
at King’s College London in 2020 and holds an MSc in European Studies: Ideas and Identities
from the London School of Economics. She also held research positions at the European
Institute for Asian Studies, and at the EU Centre in Singapore.

BA in French Studies, Beijing Language and Culture University (2013)
MSc in European Studies: Ideas and Identities, London School of Economics (2014)
PhD in European Studies, King’s College London (2020)


Xuechen Chen's Research

Xuechen’s research lies at the intersection of International Relations, European Studies and
comparative regionalism. Her doctoral project explores the EU’s norm and policy diffusion in
relation to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), with empirical case studies
focusing on interregional trade and security cooperation. She is also interested in EU-East
Asia relations, East Asian international relations and political economy, as well as emerging
powers’ role in global governance (e.g. China, ASEAN, BRICS).

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Article:

  • Chen, X. (2018) “The Role of ASEAN’s Identities in Reshaping the EU-ASEAN
    Relations”, Contemporary Southeast Asia Vol. 40, No. 2, pp. 222–46.
    Chen, X. and; Gao, X. (2020) “Exploring the dynamic nexus between the EU’s trade and
    foreign policy towards Asia-Pacific”, in Weiß, W. edited Global Politics and EU Free
    Trade Policy. Special Issue to the European Yearbook of International Economic Law,
  • Chen, X. and; Gao, X. “Bridging the Capability-Expectations Gap? An Analysis of the New
    Dynamics in the EU’s Security Strategy towards Asia”, Asia Pacific Journal of EU
    Studies, Special Issue entitled “European Union and Asia-Pacific political dialogue”.
    (accepted, forthcoming)
  • Yang, Y. and; Chen, X. “Globalism or nationalism? The paradox of Chinese official
    discourse in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak”, Journal of Chinese Political Science.
    (accepted, forthcoming)

Book Review:

  • Chen, X. “EU-China Relations: State of the Art and New Perspectives”, The International
    Spectator, published online 07 Jul 2020,
    Policy Report and; Op-Ed
  • Pacheco Pardo, R., Avedano-Pabon, M., Chen, X. et al. “Preventing the Next Pandemic: Lessons from East Asia”, King’s College London (May 2020).
  • Pacheco Pardo, R., Avedano-Pabon, M., Chen, X. et al. “Learning and Remembering: How East Asia Prepared for Covid-19 over the Years”, published at Global Policy (May 2020).
  • Chen, X. (2019) “The EU’s Pivot to Asia and EU-China Relations”, published at Instituto Per Gli Studi Di Politica Internationale (ISPI) (Sep 2019)
  • Spanakos, A. and; Chen, X. (2017) “BRICS: Post Xiamen Summit”, published at East Asian
    Institute NUS Background Brief (Nov 2017)

Selected recent presentations:

  • ECPR General Conference 2020, ‘Disentangling the EU’s Actorness in Cybersecurity
    Governance: A Case Study on EU Cybersecurity Strategies Towards Asia’, paper presenter (Aug 2020)
  • Contemporary Issues in Transatlantic Relations, ‘EU-China cooperation against the backdrop of US-China tech war’, City University of London, Panelist (Jul 2020)
  • Closing the Gap Conference on the EU’s Digital Diplomacy, ‘Bridging the Gap: How Can the
    EU’s Digital Connectivity Strategy Fit into Asia’s Digital Landscape’, Panelist, Brussels (Jul
  • EUTIP Doctoral Seminar on Methods and Methodology, ‘Exploring the Nexus Between EU
    Trade and Foreign Policy Towards Asia-Pacific’, City University, London (Sep 2018)
  • EUTIP Conference, ‘The EU’s trade and foreign policy towards Asia-Pacific’, Brussels (Dec
  • IPSA Annual Convention, ‘The EU’s connectivity strategy and its geopolitical implications on the BRI, Brisbane, (Jul 2018)
  • LASA Annual Conference, ‘Status, Voice, and Leadership for New Claimants: ASEAN, the
    BRICS, and Brazil’, Barcelona, (Jul 2018)
  • The Belt and Road Initiative: EU-China Logistics and Supply Chain, ‘An analysis of the
    perception gap between the EU’s connectivity agenda and China’s BRI’, Brugges, (Nov 2017)
  • Beijing Forum 2017, ‘The adaptation of China’s regional policy and the projection of normative power’ Beijing, (Nov 2017)
  • European Institute for Asian Studies Briefing Seminar, ‘the EU and ASEAN at 40: Towards
    Normative Convergence?’, invited as panelist, Brussels (Apr 2017)
  • European Union Institute for Security Studies, ‘Chinese Futures: Horizon 2025 – 3rd Task Force Meeting: China as Global Actor’ invited as panelist, Brussels, (Mar 2017)

Xuechen Chen's Teaching

At NCH, Xuechen has taught the following courses:

  • International Organisations: Global and Local
  • The European Union in the World
  • Comparative Politics
  • European Comparative Political Systems (NUin)