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About Tomas Elliott

Tomas Elliott is an Adjunct Lecturer in English at the New College of the Humanities. His research focuses on literary and cinematic adaptation, transmedia studies, and translation. He has taught courses in world literature, film, and theatre studies. Tomas read English and French Literature at Trinity College, Oxford, before completing a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania.


PhD Comparative Literature (University of Pennsylvania)

MA Comparative Literature (University of Pennsylvania)

BA English and French Literature (University of Oxford)

Tomas Elliott's Research

Tomas’ research focuses on the influence of scientific theories of evolution and biological adaptation on the idea of cultural evolution in modern literature and film; his current project traces the notion of “biocultural evolution” from the novels of Mary Shelley and Marcel Proust through to the films of Peter Greenaway, Spike Jonze, and Ciro Guerra. Tomas’ articles have been published in Adaptation and Frames Cinema Journal, and he has recently completed a co-translation of an early work by the
French philosopher Georges Bataille.

Tomas Elliott's Teaching

Tomas has taught wide-ranging courses in English and Comparative Literature at universities in the
UK and the US. At the New College of the Humanities, he currently teaches on the interdisciplinary
course “Cultures of London”. Previously, he has taught courses such as “The Apocalypse in Film and
Literature”, “The History of Tragedy”, and “Narratives Across Cultures”.