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About Dr Suzanna Mason

Dr Suzanna Mason is a Visiting Lecturer teaching on the Science Literacy Programme at the New College of the Humanities. She teaches second-year undergraduates about ecology, the impacts of climate change, the importance of conservation, and how ecology relates to the Humanities in two lectures ‘Ecology and climate change’ and ‘Ecology and the Humanities’. She previously received a BSc (2008), an MRes (2012), and a PhD in Biology from the University of York (2018), studying species’ biogeographical responses to climate change. In 2014, she was invited to teach at NCH, and taught the 2014/2015 class.

Dr Suzanna Mason's Research

Dr Suzanna Mason’s research interests are focused on sustainability, public education in science and environmental matters, how species respond to changing environments (particularly climate change), and how best to collect data to monitor species. She is currently working on investigating plastic usage in the food industry, and identifying ways of reducing plastic pollution impacts. She is also particularly interested in the phenomenon of citizen science, where the public are involved in mass and widespread data collection. Dr Mason has published in highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals such as the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, and is a co-author on a new, in-development paper, which indicates that the availability of suitable habitats influences species’ ability to escape negative effects of climate change

By exploring many research areas and attending many conferences during her PhD, Dr Mason has developed a wealth of knowledge that enables her to research and teach on many topics including ecology, conservation, data manipulation, citizen science, scientific methods, environmental policy, philosophy, scientific communication. During her career, she has worked with and collaborated with many different organisations to produce research outputs including Natural England, Fera, RSPB, Butterfly conservation, and Arcus ecological consultancy. She has developed many technical research skills such as statistical analysis and field surveys. She has presented her research to conference audiences, executive boards, citizen scientists, and members of the public, in person and via webinar.

Dr Suzanna Mason's Teaching

  • Mason, Suzanna C., et al. (2017) “Population variability of species can be deduced from citizen science records: a case study using British butterflies” Insect Conservation and Diversity
  • Mason, Suzanna C., et al. (2015) “Geographical range margins of many taxonomic groups continue to shift polewards” Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 115.3 pp 586-597